Group training:

The PAPS training team has many years of experience, both in hands-on public sector pensions scheme administration and in providing support and information to public sector bodies to assist them in the administration of their own schemes.

The complexity of public sector pension administration places increasing demands on administrators.  In response to this, and on foot of feedback from public sector pension managers and administrators, PAPS have developed a number of training courses.

Public Sector Pensions Foundation Course – 1 day

This entry-level course is aimed at those who are completely new to public sector pensions administration.  It may also be of interest to those who work in other areas, e.g. payroll, who are not directly involved in pensions administration but who nonetheless need a basic understanding of how the schemes work.

The course covers all the main features of both the Single Public Service Pension Scheme and the Scheme(s) which were established before the Single Scheme came into effect in 2013 (Pre-Existing Schemes) and is usually held in a central Dublin location.

For further information, a copy of the brochure for the most recent Foundation Course (April 2022) can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

The next Foundation Course is planned for end-Q1, 2023; details will be published when the course dates have been finalised.


Intermediate Public Sector Pensions Training – 10 ½ day modules

One of our most popular training courses, this comprehensive 10 half-day module training course is designed for relative newcomers (3 months or more experience) to public sector pensions administration as well as those with more experience who wish to refresh or update their knowledge of public service pensions.

The course comprises of 10 half-day modules which run from October to May and is held online. The course deals with all aspects of public sector pension scheme administration and covers the complete Public Sector Pensions Administrative Cycle – from the date a new employee joins a public sector body to the time the employee ceases to be employed by the body. A detailed outline of the course content can be found in the brochure below.

(While previous attendance on the Foundation Pensions Training Course may be an advantage, it is neither necessary nor a requirement to have completed the Foundation Course before enrolling on the Intermediate 10 x 1/2 day Pensions Training Course.)

The next 10 x 1/2 day course will run from September 2023-May 2024.  To register your interest for this course, please contact us using the button in the banner above.


Single Scheme Purchase and Transfer Training Courses

In June 2019, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform issued Circular 15/2019 which advises relevant authorities of the arrangements to apply in relation to the purchase and transfer of retirement benefits by members of the Single Scheme and how the circular is to be implemented by relevant authorities.

PAPS have developed two half-day training courses on the features and administration of DPER Circular 15/2019.

Single Scheme Purchase & Transfer Technical Aspects – ½ day

This course deals with the technical aspects of DPER Circular 15/2019, including the features of the purchase and transfer facilities, the calculation of limits and costs under the Circular, eligibility rules, refunds and reductions of amounts purchased and the treatment of purchased amounts in relation to specific benefits.

Launched in September 2019, this course has proved to be particularly popular with pension scheme administrators.

Single Scheme Purchase & Transfer Administrative Aspects – ½ day

Launched in 2021, this half-day course is designed to complement the Technical Aspects module.

The course focusses on the administrative requirements of DPER Circular 15/2019, such as Expression of Interest forms, issuing member quotations, retained benefit forms, corresponding with private sector pension administrators and purchase/transfer contracts.

Annual Administration Activities – ½ day

The purpose of this half-day training course is to ensure pension administrators and managers are aware of the annual administration activities required for public sector pension schemes.  The course presents an overview of annual activities and events for public sector administrators, for effective administration as well as planning & management of resources.

Topics covered include: Disclosure of Information requirements (Annual Benefit Statements & Annual Reports); audit information requirements; annual pension declarations; pension payroll adjustments; and Single Scheme annual administration requirements.