Damian Website HeadshotDamian Smyth

Damian joined the civil service in 1974 and left it in 2009 to set up his own public sector pensions consultancy business, Public Authority Pension Services Limited (PAPS).

Damian is the Managing Director of PAPS; he spent most of his civil service career in the public sector pensions area, in particular as manager of the Local Government Superannuation Scheme (LGSS), one of the largest public sector pension schemes.

Damian was also involved in the development of the pensions element of an integrated HR system for local authorities. He also represented the LGSS in the European Association of Public Sector Pensions Institutions, drafted a number of pension schemes, including the Local Government (Superannuation) (Consolidation) Scheme 1998 and wrote a number of papers and reports on how the management and administration of public sector pension schemes could be improved.

Damian is a member of the Irish Institute of Pensions Management (MIIPM), a member of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers (MIMCA) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).


Caroline Headshot - resizedCaroline Hickey

Caroline began working in the Life and Pensions industry in 1999. Caroline is a Director of PAPS.

Since 1999 Caroline has developed extensive technical expertise in all areas of Private and Public Sector Pension Planning, Investments and Group Risk Schemes. Caroline holds a Diploma in Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin, a Professional Diploma in Financial Advice (QFA) and a Professional Diploma in Retirement Planning Advice (RPA).


Bernie HannaBernie - Headshot Photo

Bernie joined the Public Sector (Teagasc) in 1990 and worked in Teagasc’s Finance, Administration and HR Departments (Pensions), before leaving to join PAPS as a Senior Account Manager in December 2016. From 2008 to 2016 Bernie managed the Pensions area of Teagasc, developing comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise in Public Sector Pensions. During this period, she received a number of awards under the Teagasc Staff Excellence Programmes.

Bernie graduated from UCD with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1981. Prior to Teagasc, she worked in the Finance Department of Dublin Gas and also ran her own business for a brief period in the late 1980’s.


Sarah HeadshotSarah Darcy

Sarah’s career began in the banking sector in 1999; during this time she worked in the Learning & Development team of one of Ireland’s largest banks.  In 2007, Sarah moved into the Pensions industry and since then has developed a broad range of technical knowledge across private and public sector schemes.

Prior to joining PAPS as a Senior Account Manager in 2019, Sarah was a Superannuation Officer in the National Maternity Hospital.

Sarah is a Certified Project Management Associate (IPMA-D) and holds a number of other qualifications, including a Professional Diploma in Financial Advice (QFA), a Professional Diploma in Retirement Planning Advice (RPA), and a Professional Certificate in DC Pension Scheme Trusteeship (PTP).


Chris HeadshotChristopher Callan

Christopher joined PAPS as an Account Manager in 2018.

Since joining PAPS, Christopher has become very familiar with public sector pension scheme rules, particularly the Single Public Service Pension Scheme. Christopher has excellent communication and presentation skills which is essential for both public sector pension training and Staff Information Sessions.

Christopher graduated from NUIM in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business and Management.