Public Authority Pension Services Limited (PAPS) is one of the leading experts in public sector superannuation in Ireland.

PAPS was established in 2009 by Damian Smyth.  Having worked in public sector superannuation for over 30 years, Damian was well-placed to recognise the ever-increasing complexity of public sector pension schemes in Ireland.

PAPS was founded in response to the growing need for technical and administrative support for public sector pension administrators and managers.

Since then, PAPS has grown to 5 team members and currently provides support to more than 80 public sector bodies on the management of their pension schemes.

As well as technical & administrative support, the PAPS team also delivers on-site and online pension information sessions to public sector staff, helping to keep members informed of their benefits and any new developments in public sector pension schemes.

PAPS is the leading provider of training to public sector pension administrators; PAPS’ training courses have had 750+ attendees since 2017.  In addition, PAPS can provide in-house pension training by arrangement.

Caroline Hickey became Managing Director of PAPS in December 2019.  Sarah Darcy became a Director of PAPS in July 2021.  The PAPS team are committed to providing a comprehensive, expert and timely service to our clients who can be assured of a focused and expert approach to their pensions administration needs.